Today at my conservation genetics class my professor put this video in the projector. As i Understand is pretty famous, but I've never seen this before, it hit me.

Dear people,
would you recommend me some ?
Any period, any style, any country, really classical, or experimental, whatever. Whole symphonies or just single movements.
Just give it to me!

I passed by the yesterday here in Naples. I really can't feel like I belong to this movement.

* I don't like slogans, and the ones I heard were pretty violent, including death threats to right wing people, and far left typical songs.
Anger was the feeling I perceived the most, which may biased because angry people shout the most.

* People knew a lot about climate and environment. That is, until you ask questions. There is no place for doubts in this climate action.

* The traffic was stopped by a human wall. I had to exchange insults and raise my bicycle to get past the fu**ing barricade.

* I do not know how to feel when kids, like 12 yo, engage in such political actions. I still feel like they are too young to really get what's happening.

I'd like to repost a picture that @freemo posted a long while ago

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Anyone know ( @Gargron ) how to get in touch with joinmastodon? Me and several others have been trying to reach them for over a month now and no response of any kind. Is the organization dead? They certainly dont seem to answer at their official email address. I've verified this with several people now who have reached out to them.

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Letting everyone know we updated the ToS on . Nothing has changed with regard to the rules of the server, we just wanted to clarify some points a bit better, specifically our policy on federating with other servers.

There should be some kind of Parental Advisory notice for love stories with a painful breakup.

Wolf359 is a scripted -fi of an amazing quality: from the very crisp sound to the engaging story. It's the first podcast story I fell in love for.

It is 61 episodes long (plus numerous little spin offs), and is finished so don't worry, you won't be let down by an interrupted series.

If you feel 61 episodes is too long and want a taste of the quality, you can give Time bombs a go: 3 episodes of 20 minutes from (more or less) the same team of wolf359

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Please, do yourself a favour and watch this 70s video on how the proteins are assembled using DNA.
Either you already know that or you have no clue what's happening, I'm flabbergasted. It was recommended to me from an online biology course I'm taking with the MIT.

A cell is small, but how small? Like, compared to other stuff?

A simple but cool interactive tool to explore scale I'm enjoying right now =D

A few years ago I thought that not being able to even draw a cloud was a very silly limit, and decided to try to get past it - and see how long it would have taken me.

Here are some pictures, from time 0 (before starting to study) to around 20 hours of studying and trying.
Feel free to laugh at my time 0 drawing, it's ridiculous, I know. I'm still bad at it, but it felt good to overcome a mental obstacle. Oftentimes, it takes less than one may think!

Hi @freemo , a small question for when you have time: how did you find discourse so far, in terms of maintenace?

I managed a phpbb community, I'd just like something where I do not have to mess with the code, and I do not have to put the whole community in standby when there is an update as some plugin will likely break.
Is it giving you many headaches, so far?

Wednesday: You are not so smart is a brilliant podcast about the research behind decision making, biases, how people change their minds, tribalism, how you fool yourself and confabulate post hoc reasons for your behaviour and more.

Personally, I'm a long time fan and it changed my perception of my self in a decisive way. Way more humble about how sure I am about my ideas.

Give it a shot!

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Please dont forget to check in on your friends struggling with Depression and other mental illnesses. Your compassion means a lot to them I'm sure!

Wednesday. It sucks there is no weekday or even month name starting with P.

Evolution Talk is a podcast, who'd guess, about evolution.

Rick coast is pretty a passionate host. Even if the topic was well known, like convergent evolution or natural selection, I had fun with the trivias and the anecdotes.

Oftentimes the topic has however been new to me, like who Robert Chambers or Diderot were.

To be frank a few episodes are a bit devoid of real content, but seemed to me like the exception rather than the rule.

Latest addition to my : The Genealogical World of phylogenetic Networks:

A lot of interesting thoughts about , , computational science, and networks in analysis by scientists from many country, mainly northern Europe.

There is enough to read for a while!

I was thinking that, as a mod, I'd like to spend more time here talking about scientific content and matters and fun facts, and less about the matter.

But then it dawned on me: they are very, very related.


I just started to listen to "Species", where every week Macken talks about a species of animal.
Unlike many other informative pieces of podcast I listened to, this is very entertaining, with fun bits of info and a very story like way of delivering juicy, hard checked facts.
I was captured from the very first episode, the Opossum.


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just updated our about page. There is some very important information in there so I highly recommend all QOTO users read the updated page.

We updated the wording on our Rules (same rules as before though effectively), added information on our added features and how to use them, links to the various QOTO services we offer (like FunkWhale or NextCloud).

It also contains a short introductory letter/guide on getting started using QOTO. I hope it will be a huge help for many of you. The link is below.

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